General Information

We conduct following training programs through the T&P cell

1) Zensar ESD (Employability Skill Development) Training.
2) Workshop on Company Specific Aptitude.
3) Communication skills Development sessions.
4) Group discussion sessions
5) Personal interview sessions
6) Technical interviews session.
7) Counseling and Mentoring.
8) Assessment Test (Cocubes & AMCAT).
9) Japanese Language Training Program

Training and Placement- Training

1. Training is provided on Aptitude skills, soft skills, technical skills.
2. Preparing students for interview preparation
3. Counseling of students
4. Mock interview training.
5. Mock online test.
6. Counseling on Competitive exams, GATE

Training and Placement- Facilities

1. Aptitude Training is provided to TE students
2. Soft Skills training to all TE and BE students
3. Group Discussion preparation.
4. Mock Interview Sessions
5. Internship opportunities.