HOD Information

about img Prof. Deshmukh R.S.
Qualification: ME(E&TC)
Experience: 8 Yrs.
Mobile: 7770014804/8668859053

About Department

The Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering is a kaleidoscopically changing and ever evolving branch. Innovation, orientation and an ever expanding base serve as a firm foundation for the edifice for the latest development in the Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. The Department is imparting the required technical and practical knowledge to the students. The Department has well equipped laboratories with the latest of kits and equipment available so as to give practical hands on experience to our students. The equipment available in the labs is upgraded as an on going process so as to keep pace with the latest developments in the field of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. An effort is made to groom these students not only to become successful Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers but also top notch professionals. The Department makes ceaseless efforts to ensure that knowledge of the faculty is also updated regularly by arranging Seminars, Faculty Development Programs in the college as well by sending them to attend Seminars and Conferences at outside Institutions. The latest up gradation in the Faculty members is disseminated for the enhancement of the studentís knowledge. Lectures on Personality Development, ethics, confidence building and conduct of group discussions by senior faculty help our students to develop themselves into confident professionals so as to prove to be an asset to any organization they choose to work with.

Faculty Information

about img Prof. Mali S.H.
Qualification: ME(CE)
Experience: 19 Years
Mobile: 7770014814
about img Prof. Mali D.G.
Qualification: ME(E&TC)
Experience: 11.5 Years
Mobile: 9764006210
about img Prof.Dhavale P.C.
Qualification: ME(E&TC)
Experience: 10 Years
Mobile: 9975740067
about img Prof.LIMKAR N.S.
Qualification: ME(E&TC)*
Experience: 9 Years
Email: 8308480480
about img Prof.Katakdhond K.N.
Qualification: BE(Electrical)
Experience: 6 Years
Mobile: 9890533122
about img Prof.Ingole A.J
Qualification: M-Tech (Electronics)
Experience: 3 Years
Mobile: 9011960976
about img Mr. Dhage B.M.
Tech. ASST.
Qualification: BE(Electrical)*.
Experience: 6 Years
Mobile: 9028462843
about img Mr.Gadhave N.R.
Lab Asst.
Qualification: Dipl (Ind.Electronic)
Experience: 4 Years
Mobile: 9604630613

about img Mr. Shinde D.D.
Tech. Asst.
Qualification: ME(E&TC)*
Experience: 4 Years
Mobile: 9763149260



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Latur-Kurduwadi Bypass, Barshi-413411




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